Best Massage Chair Australia Reviews 2021 – Top 6 Picks

Getting the best massage chair Australia is a need after spending a hectic day. A massaging session can be relaxing for tired or sore muscles. It is true that getting a massage to soothe your body so you can relax more. But it needs to get the right decision. That’s why we are here to help you. These massaging chairs have all the needed features that are incredibly useful to soothe your body. In addition to that, these models use multiple massage techniques, airbags, zero-gravity levels, and lots more. Due to the comfortable features, these models assure you to get the best massaging experience. Fortunately, we have found amazing massage chairs. We also wrote a comprehensive buying guide so you can easily comprehend it.

If you are looking for the best massage chair, then we have come with perfect models. Let’s look at them!

List of the Best Massage Chair Australia

PR#Product NameRatingPrice
13D Kahuna Massage Chair⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
2OOTORI Massage Chair⭐⭐⭐⭐
3RELAXONCHAIR Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
4Osaki OS4000TA Model Massage Chair⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
5Ideal Massage Chair⭐⭐⭐⭐
6Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair⭐⭐⭐⭐

1- 3D Kahuna Massage Chair

Kahuna is one of the largest brands when it comes to the best massage chair Australia. This brand has the contribution of AJX Distribution Inc. Due to this involvement, this chair is allowing you in-depth customer satisfaction service.

Out of its amazing features, the chair has been providing perfect massage since 1997. The more amazing thing is that the customers liked it like a dime. Let’s talk about its specifications.

There is a featured SL-track. This feature would be ideal against stress. It ensures to soothe your tired muscles.

If you want to get a massage like a pro, it is our top recommendation. From design to performance, it is the best massage chair Australia.

For increased performance, the chair comes with a zero-gravity feature. It has only one level. Also, with the zero memory function push you from buying.

It comes in two colors. It includes black and Champaign so that you can choose that suits your room. Apart from its color, it is loaded with the most advanced features.

3D Kahuna Massage Chair

Moreover, the chair has high elasticity massage balls. With the well-crafted design, it ensures you will get 3d performance.

Besides that, it would be surprising that a chair with high elasticity massage balls. Through this feature, it offers medical benefits.

Additionally, it allows you to get more soothing by circulating blood through airbags. It increased the level of oxygen so you will get more comfortable.

On the whole, the chair is safe to use. It saves your time and money. It is why, because of this chair provides the utmost comfort and professional massage. So we conclude that it is the best Kahuna Massage chair.


  • Comes with Rhythmic Kahuna Special technology
  • Offering powerful 3D performance massage
  • Get ultimate rejuvenation as well as ecstatic relaxation
  • Professionally crafted with a detailed featuring
  • Remarkable healing massage
  • Stunning battery life
  • Extreme comfort
  • Zero gravity massage
  • With zero memory function
  • Only one level of zero gravity

2- OOTORI Massage Chair

Next up, we have the OOTORI Massage Chair. Before 6 years, this chair was manufactured by OOTORI. Now it is one of the most world’s largest brands. Their product’s quality is beyond your expectations. This massage chair is also one of them.

The foremost thing you need to know about the product is its craftsmanship. It is made of high-quality material that added durability impact. Unlike other models, this massage chair is improved with the latest technology to get the best massaging experience.

Before going to its feature, let us explain its flaws. According to some users, they have complained about its control. They also have a complaint about their design.

Along with that, this massage chair is offering lifetime customer support. That’s the most appealing feature to append hefty price. However, we also have seen some bad reviews about their customer service.

Out of its amazing features, the product has an SL double-track system. Due to this feature, you will get a massage from your neck to lower back. Not only that, but it also has foot rollers that give utmost comfort to your heels.

OOTORI Massage Chair

Another feature is that we liked its zero-gravity feature. This feature is offering high end massaging experience. It includes space-saving technology. So, don’t worry about the space that it allocates.

Again, the SL track system is extendable. It comes with three zero-gravity levels. It ensures you will get a perfect shiatsu massaging experience to your body size.

Furthermore, the chair comes with a heat massaging feature. This feature ensures blood airflow. Three settings are available, so you can adjust it according to your body size.

Additionally, with different settings and footrest adjustability, relieve your pain from neck to the foot area.

Moreover, the massage chair is also offering a compute body scan. This system lets the chair to choose which areas feel more pain.

Besides that, it comes with three different intensity levels. This massage chair makes you relaxed. Also, best massage chair Australia is offering Bluetooth connections. It allows you to play favorite stone so you can immensely enjoy a complete massaging session.

The best part of the chair is that it is fully assembled. For increased performance, it is extendable so you can adjust it according to your height.

Overall, the massage chair provides shiatsu massage, guasha therapy, extendable height, and so on. Indeed, it is the best massage chair Australia 2020.


  • Zero gravity feature with space-saving technology
  • Three levels of zero gravity angles with blood circulation
  • SL double track as well as 3D robot hand extendable
  • Thai yoga massage, full-body air massage, and rock-solid warranty
  • Adjustability levels
  • Blood airflow
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Space-saving technology
  • Durability could be improved
  • Poor quality control

3- RELAXONCHAIR Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The RELAXONCHAIR Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair is one of those chairs that are certified medically. This chair is certified from FDA. It is increasingly popular because of its high-level specifications.

Out of its amazing feature, the chair is offering the utmost relaxation as well as support. It is because of the brand which is producing the best massage chairs for years.

Before going into the details, let me remind you about it’s a few flaws. You have to sacrifice its relatively narrow chair. It is because of the airbags. The presence of airbags makes its sitting place narrow. It might sometimes feel tight.

We also see so many positive reviews that explained its appealing design. With the remarkable features, it comes with automatic as well as four different programs. It will help you get the best massage experience.

Additionally, it is a two-colored massage chair. It looks aesthetic. It allows you to choose the one which suits your furniture needs.

Moreover, the unit has a full-body scan. It will help you to get the targeted massaging areas. The more amazing thing is that it is extremely easy to install.

Apart from its jaw-dropping look, the chair is fully automatic with four different settings. Not only that, but it is also offering five manual specific areas to target.

For increased performance, there are rolling wheels. The wheels help to drag it from one place to another.  Indeed, it is the best zero gravity massage chair Australia.

Out of its amazing features, we liked its L-track system. It ensures full-body coverage by giving utmost comfort. This feature removes all sorts of pain.

Other than that, it is offering a remote controller. The remote is accessible with one hand easily. There is no trouble to use while operating the unit.


Additionally, the best massage chair Australia is also offering lumber back heating. It reduces the back pain by circulating the air, so you feel relief.

Furthermore, it is one of the best massage chair Australia. With a high level of relaxation, there is three zero gravity position to choose from.

Overall, without a doubt, it is the best massages chair Melbourne Australia available for you. It has amazing features so you can get the most out of it for the price.


  • Upgraded, redesigned and easy to use the remote control
  • Comes with three manual specific targeted massages
  • Has three levels of airbags intensity control
  • Offers three-stage ultra automatic zero gravity multi-functional
  • Providing buttlock L-tracking massage system
  • Fully featured massage chair
  • Easy to install
  • Lumbar heat supported
  • Remote control
  • Rollers are hard
  • Might be narrow for you

4- Osaki OS4000TA Model Massage Chair

The Osaki OS4000TA Model Massage Chair is offering premium grade massage at a lower price as compared to other models available on the market.

Out of its amazing features, the massage chair comes with great customer support. With all the satisfaction, it is delivering premium massage so you will feel high comfort.

Before going to further details, it comes at a high price. The price tag may push many people back from buying it. So you should look for the price before buying it.

Apart from its heavy price tag, it is offering great quality as well as durability. However, you have to sacrifice a bit regarding sustainability.

Osaki OS4000TA

Another best feature is its body scanning technology. This model targets specific areas. Some feet rollers let you relax when you have a hectic day.

Moreover, it has zero gravity function. It ensures you get rid of all your pains as well as swelling. More importantly, it is offering special massage to your back, so you feel more comfortable.

Besides that, this unit is more efficient when it comes to soothing your body. It delivers efficient results than ever before.

Additionally, there is a wireless controller. Due to the feature, it allows you to control the setting according to your requirements.

What’s more, best massage chair Australia is offering the speed as well as intensities level. There are over 5 levels so you can get the most convenient massage according to your needs.

However, the wireless remote is the easiest to use. There are available 6 massage styles. It lets you choose the styles which one is most suitable for your needs.

Overall, this unit has remarkable features for the price. But there are a couple of users that are complaining about its durability. Indeed, it is the best massage chair Sydney.


  • Has updated design with computer scanning feature
  • Unique foot roller, auto recline and leg extension
  • Has next-generation air massage technology
  • Easy to use remote with full size
  • Auto timer
  • Air massage technology
  • Zero gravity feature
  • Wireless easy to use remote
  • Expensive
  • Some durability issues

5- Ideal Massage Chair

Now we have the best Ideal Massage Chair. This massage chair is offering amazing features. It comes with a smart 3D massage feature. Due to the massage, it is offering auto height detection.

There are fully featured recliners available. With a dual-layer, it is offering a head cushion. This feature ensures you would get the best massaging experience.

Out of its amazing features, it is offering 3D customizes scanning. This feature is adjustable according to an individual’s height.

We also liked is a space-saving design. It comes with three zero-gravity functions. This feature ensures you would get the best massage chair Australia.

There features an L-Track zero gravity system. Through the feature, it ensures to have long massaging sessions.

Indeed, it is a fully-featured massage chair. It comes with 10 amazing programs. It includes relaxation, swing, full-body stretch, and more.

There are electric foot rollers. These rollers soothe your massage by eliminating aching and tired feeling. Up to 6 inches of root elongation, it is offering a great massaging experience.

Out of its amazing features, this chair has the best massaging techniques. It is offering rolling, kneading, tapping, a combo of tapping and kneading, as well as shiatsu massage. These techniques ensure to get the best massage experience.

Ideal Massage Chair

Additionally, there is a built-in heat feature. It soothes your stressed muscles. It helps your back to get the most effective massage. Also, it is the best massage chair in India.

When it comes to durability, it has the latest generation of multi-chambered airbags. These airbags are targets in certain areas. It reduces noise reduction, unlike other chairs.

Moreover, the airbags target to hands, arms, shoulders, feet as well as calves. It ensures providing arm as well as hand relief with versatile dual-zone airbags.

Overall, if you are looking for the best massage chair Australia 2020, it would be an amazing deal. From design to performance, it is unbeatable.


  • Comes with ideal S L-Track zero gravity massage chair
  • Full body massage recliner gives the best possible massage
  • Has 10 incredible massage programs
  • Has smart 3D massage function as well as a rolling foot massager
  • Great airbags quality
  • Value for the price
  • 30 minutes sessions
  • Offers high performance
  • Remote beeps loudly

6- Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

Last but not least, we have the Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair. It comes with lots of adjustability features. Due to the adjustability, you can handle it according to your needs.

There are most attractive featured included. These are speed control, intensity control, and width control. These controls have three levels to adjust while there are four levels for air massage pressure.

Want to target certain areas for massaging? There are four points to work with it. It will be completely relaxing after getting each session.

Apart from its massaging points, it is also allowing heating massage. It lets you relax more with less working heart.

However, as far as the air massage bags, they are 21 in total. They are also placed in specific regions such as feet, calves, hips, shoulders, and arms.

Moreover, it is combined with heat therapy for back and foot massage. These features ensure your muscles, as well as joints, work impressively because of the blood flow. It makes you relax, and you feel less pain.

Full Body Electric Shiatsu

Additionally, there are over 7 massage modes. It includes stretching, kneading, tapping, shiatsu, combo, and a heating function. With 9 presets settings, it lets you get the best massage experience using different massaging methods.

Another amazing feature of the chair is that it comes with smart body scan technology. This feature work is according to your body shape so you can adjust easily.

Furthermore, there is a built-in sensor. It manages to work with your spine so you can get a perfect massaging session when you need it. So, it the best massage chair consumer reports.

Besides that, the chair gives a 100% guarantee. You should feel free to ask any questions for their customer support. They are very kind to their customers. Overall, if you are looking for the best massage chair, then you should select this model.


  • Comes with adjustable angles, speed and intensity control with three settings
  • 4 levels of air massage pressure so get complete massaging
  • With 21 airbags to get compression massage to align lower back to the pelvis area
  • Offering smart body scanning technology to get custom fit as well as 7 massage modes
  • Value for the price
  • Long massage sessions
  • Heating function
  • Comfortable
  • No zero gravity

Comparison of Best Massage Chair Australia

13D Kahuna Massage Chair300lbs 50 x 60 x 34 Inches
2OOTORI Massage Chair285pounds 52 x 49 x 34 Inches
3RELAXONCHAIR Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair256 pounds65 x 30 x 40 Inches
4Osaki OS4000TA Model Massage Chair270 pounds 34 x 31 x 52 Inches
5Ideal Massage Chair214 lbs 47 x 32 x 48Inches
6Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair300 pounds55 x 42 x 35 Inches

Buying Guide

You have to keep certain aspects of your mind when it comes to the best massage chair in Australia. It is because that the massage chairs have hefty prices, so you have to look for every needed feature to make your purchase worthwhile for the price.

Zero Gravity

The zero-gravity features are also most considerable. When it comes to advanced features, it would be more relaxing to have it.

Using the above feature, your lower area is free from pains and aches. You can tilt chair upward up to 30 degrees and downward up to 120 degrees to get the best massaging experience.

Heat Therapy and Heat Settings

This aspect is the most important feature of a massage chair. It soothes your body against pain or aching. This function will be helpful more when your muscles get stiffer.

Besides that, there are so many people suffering from the backside. For them, this feature will be helpful. Your lumbar area feels the utmost comfort.

Body Scan Technology

Getting the best massage chair Australia also has body scan technology. This feature has pressure points. They are adjustable according to your body structure.

Additionally, this function offers to adjust the chair to accommodate a standard height as well as weight.

Air Bags

By inflating and deflating, the airbags also make you feel comfy. They are placed in different areas, so your body parts relax, and your heart works less.

Moreover, the airbags come at different levels. There are up to three levels of air cells. It provides deeper intense pressure with different pressure settings.


Last but not least, the best massage chair comes with a hefty price. But it depends on the features that it offered. Also, there are different techniques that each chair is offering, so you should choose which would be beneficial for you.

Above all, these aspects are necessary to make a purchase reliable. We highly recommended going to review a chair concerning these features so you can get the best massage chair Australia.


Is The Best Massage Chair Australia Good For My Health?

Indeed, the best massage chair offers many benefits for your health. It delivers utmost comfort, reduces stress as well as manages pain.

How Do I Choose A Massage Chair?

There are certain aspects that you should need to look at the best massage chair. These include adjustability, heat function, zero gravity, price, number of airbags, body scan technology, size, noise reduction technology, space-saving technology, S track, or L Track and warranty.

Is Heating Therapy Is Effective?

Getting a heating massage helps your back from pain. It relieves pain, so you’ll feel relax. We also suggested you get a lumbar support chair who is suffering from back or chronic pains.

The Bottom Line

All in all, we have concluded a comprehensive list of the best massage chairs to get which suits your needs. Indeed, it is a huge investment, but these models are ideal for you. Also, these are the best selling product with positive reviews. You can check them. Besides that, if you have any confusion, then put a comment below. We are always here to help you. Thank you for visiting us!

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