7 Best Massage Chair Kahuna Review 2021- Affordable & Comfortable

Are you going to buy Kahuna massage chair ? then you must be searching out what are the best massage chairs on the market? so, Here we have the best massage chair kahuna 2021 review that has an SL-track system for all body type, tripe airbags, different intensity, and heating levels, many speed rollers, zero-gravity, and much more.

Who doesn’t want to relax after a long day at work? But after a hectic day, there’s no energy to go to a salon for a massage. So these kahuna massage chairs are handy. Also, they are capable of replicating multiple professional massage techniques.

However, you can have a comfortable massage at home with massage chair kahuna. Although finding the best massage chair of kahuna can be tough. Because there are so many massage chairs of kahuna, so for your ease, we have created a list of best massage chair kahuna 2020.

After long hours of research, our team shortlisted some of the best massage chairs worthy of your attention. After reading the massage chair kahuna review and buying guide of kahuna, you will be able to find the best massage chair for your requirements.

Let’s have a look at the top picks of best massage chair kahuna!

Top Picks of 7 Best Massage Chair Kahuna

PR#Product NameRatingPrice
1Kahuna massage chair recliner lm6800⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
2Kahuna massage chair sm-7300⭐⭐⭐⭐
3Kahuna sm-9000⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
4Kahuna Lm-6800s⭐⭐⭐⭐
5Hm kappa human rhythmic kahuna massage chair⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
6Kahuna rhythmic massage chair hubot hm-078 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
7Kahuna Massage Chair Sm-7300s⭐⭐⭐⭐

1-Kahuna  Recliner Lm6800 – Best and Affordable Massage Chair

If you are looking for the best massage chair of kahuna, then LM6800 is a great option to buy. It has a specialized yoga stretching program and supports the back and neck of the user. Also, it provides optimal comfort to users by loosening muscles. This massage chair can eradicate strains.

Other than that, this massage chair has an SH-chiro, massaging technique that explicitly with kahuna. The sole purpose of this chair is to eliminate and negative energy trapped in the body. Also, he recovers and heals the sore areas. Moreover, it will automatically merge messages with advanced L-track dual rollers for extra comfort.

Kahuna massage chair recliner lm6800

Furthermore, there are many air-cells functions in a fully-digital body scanner. Also, you can control the intensity levels. So you can choose that’s  best for an optimized experience.

Additionally, it has zero-gravity features reclined with angles that accustom the user’s body to physical stance. And this chair is space-saving with many body frames that require minimalistic backspace to recline successfully.

The only drawback ofthis machine is that it is delivered unassembled. Also, it is bulky, difficult for one person to assemble. Although it has an array of massage components and features an excellent choice, it is the best massage chair at $1500.


  • 50 airbags placed all over the chair
  • 8 massage points with neck roller
  • One-button zero gravity design
  • Add Bluetooth audio ply
  • More functional and affordable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Zero-gravity
  • Many intensity levels
  • Bulky massage chair

2-Kahuna Sm-7300 – best professional massage chair

If you want a chair with a warranty, then you must buy a kahuna massage chair SM-7300. It comes with a premium 2-year warranty and has a limited warranty offer by the manufacturer. Moreover, it has different specialized present automatic massage motions thatembed it.

Also, you can set programs and techniques utilized by the world professional massage therapists for the best results. And it has six manual massage modes for the users to provide a variety of Massage for full body. This massage chair is famous for relieving back pain.

Kahuna massage chair sm 7300

Other than that, it has a large number of airbags for targeting the sensitive parts of our body. And it will release tension and stress. Plus, it will eradicate chronic backaches. Kahuna has an option for its valued customers to manually adjust the extensions such as foot and shoulder rollers as per their needs.

This massage chair is space-saving and has improved convenience for moving it easily from one place to another. Also, it has a vast number of automatic massage settings for all users.

Kahuna massage chair SM-7300 is a little bit more expensive than the previous model. Also, it has a zero-gravity function and best for the people who are suffering from back-aches issues.


  • All in one full body massage chair
  • Comes with L-Track frame structure
  • L-track 4 roller massage system
  • Space-saving with zero-gravity positions
  • Compact body scan technology
  • Advanced air cell massage technology
  • Zero-gravity
  • More convenient
  • Manual and automatic massage systems
  • Expensive massage chair

3-Kahuna Sm-9000 – Full-body luxury Massage Chair

Kahuna massage chair SM-900 is one of the best kahuna chairs because it is a silent chair. No noise generates while you are having a massage. Also, it will be more enjoyable and comfortable. Moreover, you can listen to songs for a more enjoyable experience. Noisy chairs are not pleasing at all. And they don’t give much comfort.

However, it has an SL-track system that gives the perfect Massage to your whole body and has an option to provide extra coverage to the sore area of your body. Also, it will provide Massage from the neck to the thighs in a curved manner.

Kahuna sm 9000

Furthermore, it has a 3D massaging feature with the help of airbags. This chair is useful in providing the best Massage in a hand-like touch and motion to the users.

Also, it has a large seat that can merge the transmitters for all types of body structures. Plus, it can amazingly accommodate all users.

Additionally, zero-gravity space just needs a minimal back-space. So it enhances the convenience of the user. Unfortunately, the only drawback of this machine is that it comes unassembled, and due to its bulky nature, it is difficult to assemble.


  • Professionally crafted exquisite massage chair with detail finish
  • Ultimate comfort and high-quality full-body massage therapy
  • Comes with high elasticity massage balls
  • Anti-stress feature available
  • With advanced technology and features
  • Advanced technology
  • Silent and gentle Massage
  • 3D air float feature
  • No heating pads in the leg area

4-Kahuna Lm-6800S – Massage Chair with zero gravity and yoga  Feature

Kahuna LM-6800 is one of the best full-body recliners and has an L-track zero gravity feature. Also, it has a yoga-stretching, SH-chiro massaging program, and heating therapy function. It is one of the advanced massaging machines with the best design. All the users love the auto option of this chair. Plus, it has a manual massage option too.

No doubt, Chiro and yoga stretching options are best. Kahuna massage chair LM6800’s is the best chair with the zero-gravity function that can give you extra neck support. It will also target the sore areas and massage them appropriately. Our team took long time research the zero-gravity massage chair because it is best for chronic pains.

Kahuna Lm 6800s

Moreover, you will have this chair at a lower price, and people will glad to know it. This massage chair offers many functions in a small price range. It has a new remote design with backlight.

The material of the massage chair kahuna is durable, and it will give you the best Massage like a masseuse. Plus, it will wonderfully stretch your body and covers your neck, back, and upper thighs. Furthermore, it has 12 auto programs to enjoy and 4 Elite and stretching programs.

Lastly, it has a custom memory saving function to save your Massage as per your demand. Plus, it has acupressure points and 5 levels of air pressure and rollers. Kahuna has premium Bluetooth speakers and shoulder airbag that is adjustable for various height.


  • uses airbags and vibrators to relax your hips
  • one level of zero gravity feature
  • HSL-Track system
  • anti-stress system
  • heating therapy on the lower back
  • 17 air partial control system
  • Fully automatic machine
  • Affordable price
  • Airbags
  • Durable massage chair
  • No cons

5-HM Kappa Human Rhythmic Kahuna Massage Chair – Ideal & Fully Automatic

Kappa human rhythmic kahuna massage chair is a new addition by kahuna. It has a soft touch, redefines design with state of the art function. Also, it luxurious and the best contemporary massage chair kahuna. Moreover, this massage chair is fully automatic.

However, it scans the entire system of the body and captures the sensitive parts of the body. This scanning system helps prevent sensitive parts of the body. Rhythmic kahuna will prevent your back pain. It will focus on the stressed muscles and tissues.

Hm kappa human rhythmic kahuna massage chair

This massage chair has a zero-gravity feature that will make you feel like you are in the air feeling weightless. Kahuna kappa massage chair has 15 unique auto massage programs to accommodate all body types. Plus, it is a sensual touch and a fully custom saving option. Also, it has fully automatic movements with 4D body scanning.

Furthermore, it has an SL-track system of 51.2 inches. Kahuna has an air-cell movement with 96 air-cells. The user can control three different temperatures of Massage. Also, it has premium Bluetooth speakers and apple application to control the massage chair easily.


  • Controllable Massage
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Zero-gravity features
  • Fully-automatic massage chair
  • Comes unassembled

6-Kahuna Hubot Hm-078 – Massage Chair with Head Massage

Kahuna massage chair hubot HM-078 is the best version that is professionally crafted and has a good finishing. This massage chair will rejuvenate and relax your whole body. If you are looking for a professional massage chair, then you have the best option of Hubot HM-078.

Also, this machine is powerful and has a 3D performance. Plus, it will massage with high elasticity at every inch that you need. This massage chair is best to get a full body massage. Furthermore, it has HSL-track, which is 51.2 inches and has a head massage that is also available under anti-stressing features.

Kahuna rhythmic massage chair hubot hm 078

Moreover, it has special technology for airbag movements to promote blood circulations and increase oxygen levels. This chair has individual on/off with 5 intensity levels, and Bluetooth connectivity. This massage chair is popular for its incredible features.

Lastly, this massage chair has a high-quality for full body massage therapy with 5 intensity levels. Also, it is space-saving and 5 intensity levels. We recommend buying this massage chair if you need Bluetooth and HSL track system.


  • Offers advanced medical care systems
  • Reflexology foot massage system
  • Human hand massage system
  • 3X more coverage with advanced L-track massage system
  • Complete full body yoga stretch
  • Smart full-body medical scan with true 4D Arm massage
  • Bluetooth and space-saving techno
  • Fully loaded with many automatic massage functions
  • 15 massage programs
  • Castors for smooth movements
  • Best HSL track system
  • No heating pads in leg area
  • Intense Massage, not suitable for everyone

7-Kahuna Sm-7300s – top rated massage chairs

Last but not least, kahuna massage chair SM-7300’s is one of our top pick. And it is the best chair with many features that makes it good overall for all users. We bet you will rate it 5/5 after using.It is a top-performing massage chair with techniques of kneading, tapping, knocking, shiatsu, and many more. The four special programs are best for senior citizen, office person, and for a golfer.

Moreover, it has the latest software, and enhanced zero gravity setting. This best kahuna massage chair has additional calf and leg heating functions. It will help prevent sore leg muscles. Plus, this chair comes with Bluetooth, and built-in Bluetooth speakers.

Kahuna Massage Chair Sm 7300s

Additionally, it has body scan technology to scan the sore areas. This chair will focus on the sore areas more and give extra time massaging that area. Also, this chair is very comfortable and relaxing because it is made of synthetic leather. It has excellent looks, and durable quality.

Furthermore, it has multi-functions and stretching programs. Kahuna chair is pre-loaded with back and leg heating therapy. It will help loosen muscles and relieve chronic pain. But don’t use this massaging chair for more than 60 minutes.

Lastly, it has 13 auto programs, active yoga stretching and 4 stretching programs. Plus, it has 4 special programs for fast recovery, pain relief. This kahuna massage chair is best for athletes.


  • Design is rotatable up to 55 degrees
  • Comfortable experience
  • Rejuvenating body massages
  • Comes with five selectable programs
  • Simulation technology
  • Zero-gravity and space-saving chair
  • Fully automatic and reasonable price
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • Latest techno
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Large and heavy chair
  • Can’t control the heating temperature

Comparison Table of  7 Best Massage Chair Kahuna

PR#Product NameDimension WeightFeatures
1Kahuna massage chair recliner lm680048x31x46249 lbs230 wt max, space saving
2Kahuna massage chair sm-730048x28x47230 wt Max, LED light design, Triple Hip Air bags
3Kahuna sm-9000320 lbs
4Kahuna Lm-6800s
5Hm kappa human rhythmic kahuna massage chair330 lbsKahuna Daily Design, Air & Sleep mode
6Kahuna rhythmic massage chair hubot hm-078 49x36x53305 lbs20 W Max
7Kahuna Massage Chair Sm-7300s49x29x50

Buying Guide of Massage Chair Kahuna

There are some factors that you need to consider while buying the best massage chairkahuna. We have made a buying guide for your ease to find out certain elements that should be present in a massage chair. Also, it will help you find the best as per your needs, and your investment will be worth it. Let’s have a look at some important elements of massage chair kahuna.

Massage Power and Rollers

The massaging power is an important factor. Some people like to have light Massage, while athletes need a great massage. So there’s an option to choose between the intensity of Massage. And the massage rollers are usually the high-end ones, and give a comfortable experience. These rollers are for the better stimulation of movement of human hand.

Heat Massage

This technology is for relaxing your muscles and tissues. Also, with the help of heating pads or rollers, it will produce heat at the back and encourage your muscle to relax. Plus, it will promote good blood circulation.

Body Scan

Body scanning is one of the best feature in massage chair kahuna. It automatically detects the sore areas and provides extra Massage to those areas. This amazing technology use sensors to track your spine and other physical aspects to give custom massage.

Air Compression

This compression feature uses the airbags and enhance the massage experience. Also, the airbags give alternate compression and decompression to push your muscles and massage them.


This function is present in high-end decent massage chair models. But almost every kahuna chair has this incredible feature. It will recline and place your body in a certain position where it doesn’t have to sustain its own weight. You will feel relaxed, like you are in the air.

3D Massage

This type of Massage is in more-depth than the normal Massage. Because this option is available in high-end massage chairs that have airbags and rollers. Once your body is packed with airbags, the rollers will do their job to make you relax. These rollers massage your back and legs.


Those models who don’t have zero-gravity feature do have this one. But in this feature your body weight will not be supported entirely by the chair. And your legs will not be lifted upwards, to the similar height of your heart. This feature is best for the people who suffer from spinal cord pain.

Acupressure Points

It makes you massage more realistic and produce a gripping feeling so that it feels similar to a massage professional.

Manual Control

We will suggest you buy the manual control massage chairs. With manual control, you can control your session and enjoy the Massage according to your type. Manual control will help you to create your own massage session.

Material of Chair

The material of the chair should of faux leather otherwise, it can’t handle the movement of airbags and rollers. Pure leather is not durable. Generally, all the massage chair of low, and high prices are made from the faux leather.


Some of the massage chair are portable, and easy to move while other are heavy. Portable chairs are easy to assemble. Also, they have the casters to move the chair easily from one room to another. All the kahuna chairs are not portable; some are heavy so you have to compromise for getting the other best features.

Silent Operation and Remote Controller

Silent operational massage chairs are more soothing for our body. Because you will feel more relaxed, and also you can listen to your favorite track while having a massage. On the other hand, if the chair is noisy, it will be irritating.

And by the remote controller you can easily control the levels of speed. Also, you can choose the intensity of Massage as per your needs. Even, you can turn on or off the Massage by the remote easily.

LED Light, Bluetooth Connectivity, And Speakers

Indecent massage chair, you will find the LED light, Bluetooth connectivity for listening to your favorite song, and built-in speakers for enjoying your massage session even more. For the best experience with LED lights, turn off the other lights of your room.

This buying guide will make your decision easier for buying the best massage chair.

FAQ’s about Massage Chair

How long do massage chairs last?

Massage chairs in the range of 2000 to 3000 dollars with normal usage last for 2-3 years, before the motor of the chair, give out. But other decent massage chairs that are expensive last for 5-10 years or more. It depends on the frequency of use.

Which brands of the massage chair are the best?

Here are some of the best massage chair brands such as Kahuna SM-9000,Kahuna LM-6800,Relaxonchair MK-II PLUS Ideal, Real Relax Full Body, BestMassage® EC-06, and Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity.

What is a Kahuna massage chair?

This massage chair has an L-track design for supporting the neck to back and buttocks. It has many features, available in a wide price range. Kahuna is a famous massage chair all over the world. Many customers of the kahuna massage chair rate it 5/5. Plus, kahuna has the space-saving technology and the zero-gravity angle.

Overusing a massage chair is safe?

If you overuse a massage chair, it can damage, inflame, or bruise your muscles and tissues. So just use it twice a day if your body is sore. Twenty minutes each with a break. And you should prevent running Massage for long periods.

Which is the most expensive massage chairworldwide?

One of the most expensive massage chairs is Luraco Technologies iRobotics 7. And it is the most luxurious massage chair that offers a wide range of intensity levels. Luraco also has shiatsu massage settings.

To Sum Up

Massage chair kahuna is the famous all over the world. These chairs have many functions for relaxing our bodies after a long hectic day. Here is this review you will find the best Kahuna massage chairs for full body massage, and for relieving chronic back pains.

If you still have confusion about buying a kahuna massage chair, then we have our two suggestions. We recommend buying Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner Lm6800 and Kahuna Massage Chair Sm-7300s. No doubt,these chairs are having a wide range of massage functions such as deeper zero gravity, 13 auto-massage programs, L-track system with warranty.

Thank you for visiting! We would love to know your reviews in the comment section about our massage chair kahuna.

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