Best Massage Chair under $1000 – (Full Body, Electric)

The best massage chair under $1000 can help people relieve stress, tension, and chronic back pain. So if you need the best affordable massage chair under 1000 dollars, you are in the right place. Also, these chairs in our review have the best quality, different massage levels, heating therapy, and much more.

In this article, we’ll review the best massage chair under $1000 2021. Plus, it will offer you a substantial massage experience that you never had before at home. Some people think that getting a decent massage chair is a daunting task. But here we will make the task easier for you. Hence, focus on the products that our team shortlisted with pros and cons.

Let’s have a look at the top picks of the best massage chair under 1000 dollars.

Top Picks of the Best Massage Chair Under $1000

PR#Product NameRatingPrice
1Electric full body shiatsu brown Massage Chair ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
2Omega the Aires Full Body Electric Shiatsu ⭐⭐⭐⭐
3Real relax Massage Chair recliner⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
4Earthlite portable massage chair⭐⭐⭐⭐
5Esright massage recliner chair⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
6Best choice faux massage chair ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Electric Full Body Shiatsu Brown Massage Chair |Comfortable whole-body massage chair

This relaxing massage chair is one of the best massage chair under 1000. You can adjust the degree of the recliner and raise the leg rest for a better experience in this massage chair. Other than that, it has dual heaters, and a unique design to fit your back comfortably.

Moreover, you can rest your arms to deliver an immersive massage. Also, it is easy to operate the control panel. Real relax has simple and adjustable massage settings while it has four programs that deliver customizable massage.

Best of all, it has a shiatsu massage feature. That gives a gentle massage with the power rollers that release built-up muscle tension. Also, this massage type energizes the whole body while it reduces tight muscles and fatigue.

Electric full body shiatsu brown Massage Chair

Other than that, it has 30 airbags built-in with compression to alleviate the pain of the body. Plus, the massage functions include rolling and kneading. And the four massage programs include- extend, relax, recover, and refresh.

Other Essential Features

The heating treatment in this full-body chair has many benefits. The heating leg massage chair can reduce pain and discomfort. This treatment improves muscle flexibility to allow for a deeper and more effective massage.

Nevertheless, the heat aids in blood circulation. Plus, it has dual heaters to provide warmth across the back and on the feet for better convenience. Further, this chair has a custom back massage to give a unique massage to the full body.

Also, it has been experienced that it is incredible for targeting the stress points in the neck and back. And the leg rest can be adjusted according to the comfort level. Although, this best massage chair under 1000 reclines for up to 170 degrees.

And that’s not all, and the armrest flips up, providing access to airbags for a hand massage. It is a unique feature that is not available in many massage chairs. Also, you can fold down the armrest to provide a firm surface. The best massage chair under 1000 has a wood-like finishing that makes a sleek appearance.

Consequently, it has the control panel that docks to stand on the armrest. And it is distinct remote features to indicate the selected settings quickly. Also, the central location of the dock keeps the remote close by easy adjustments in use.

Lastly, the remote can be removed from the stand for comfortable use.

  • 30 airbags
  • Four massage programs
  • Power rollers for feet
  • Limited warranty for one year
  • Docking remote is not large
  • It is a heavy chair, difficult to move

Omega the Aires Full Body Electric Shiatsu | Rolling Massage Chair with 19 air bags

Full body electric best shiatsu massage chair has the contemporary styling of the Aires.  This massage chair is very useful in addition to any home or office. Also, it has 19 airbags that release tension throughout the body. While the foot heater also improves the body’s blood circulation.

Moreover, it has a folding footrest that fits underneath the chair. But when you are not using the massage chair, it blends with the home décor.

The full body massage chair offers the user to melt away the stress of your day with a relaxing and rejuvenating massage to the whole body. It also massages the feet as well to take care of the entire body. Plus, you can choose from three manual massage programs with one automatic massage program to help you relax.

Best of all, this best massage chair under 1000 has an airbag feature that has three levels with adjustable air pressure intensity. Also, you can compress specific parts of the body that are sore. It improves your blood circulation as well.

Other than that, it has 19 total airbags, 14 for the calves, and feet. Two of the airbags are for the neck, but most of the airbags hit the major muscle groups of the body.

Other Essential Features

Nonetheless, it has a powered leg rest that folds the chair. But when nobody is using the massage chair, it looks like a regular chair.

So when you want to enjoy a massage, simply extend the leg rest, using the remote controller. Also, you can enjoy reflexology massage via the 3-speed foot roller.

Besides that, it has a remote controller for controlling all the functions while enjoying the massage. Also, you can adjust the heating intensity with this controller. As well, you can extend or fold away the footrest.

It has a compact remote that controls the massaging intensity plus, turns on or off. The remote is effortless to control.

And that’s not all, and it has an ultra-soft synthetic leather that provides comfort and durability. Plus, the material of the massage chair holds up very well. It is the best chair for regular use.

Lastly, this best massage chair under 1000 has synthetic leather that resists pet hair. Also, it is water-resistant and easy to clean. And the fabric complements the curved lines of the chair.

  • One automatic and three manual programs for massage
  • Simple massage chair has 19 airbags and faux leather finishing
  • Comfortable and most durable massage chair under 200
  • Does not massage arms
  • Chair doesn’t recline
  • There is no attached pocket for keeping the remote controller

Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner | Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair Under $1000

Are you searching: what is the best zero gravity massage chair? here it is!

The real relax recliner delivers a soothing full-body massage experience. Also, it has an impressive 50 airbags as well as eight massage pints. Besides that, real relax has massage rollers has foot rollers, and a built-in heater that this recliner can gently work to relieve stress.

Moreover, it has easy navigation settings to include a more high-definition display. And the massage chair recliner is best for foot massage programs to deliver a soothing massage. Other than that, it has eight massage points throughout the seat to deliver a full body massage. Plus, the massage technique of this chair provides professional quality results. Real relax is the best zero-gravity massage chair.

Nevertheless, it has a reclined position that puts your feet up to enjoy the massaging experience. With that, it has a zero-gravity that surrounds a capsule for even full-body massage.

Other Essential Features

However, this recliner has an option to simply slide your arms to rest and melt away all the tension in your arms. Plus, it has many airbags the surround your arms and expand to relax the muscles gently.

Furthermore, real relax has a rest weary legs and feet using the full wrap airbag design. This chair has a unique design of the foot roller that presses against feet to release soreness.

Therefore, the heat helps to soothe the sore muscles to improve flexibility. And it will increase the effectiveness of the massage as well. The heating therapy improves the body circulation. And increasing blood flow means that it alleviates the discomfort and improves metabolism.

Consequently, this chair has a seat massager that has three different settings. The settings include a vibrate, air-squeeze, and heating option for a deep massage experience.

Additionally, this best massage chair under 1000 has a remote controller. So you can change the settings without any hassle. Using this handheld remote, you can ensure that cable is not displaced. Also, real relax has a pocket on the side to keep the remote. So you don’t need to find it every time while having a massage. And you know what? This chair is easy to clean due to faux leather material.

Lastly, this chair is built to accommodate individuals who are less than 6 feet. And the footrest of this chair provides a more comfortable fit for the taller people. The maximum capacity of this chair is 440 pounds.

  • Footrest to accommodate the tall users
  • Weight capacity of 440 pounds
  • Artificial leather
  • Easy to clean and move from one place to another
  • Easy to assemble and has 50 airbags
  • Built-in waist heater, long warranty
  • Adjustable settings and remote controller
  • Large space for placing the chair

Earthlite Massage Chair | Best portable Massage Chair

Are you looking for the most lightweight massage chair? Then this is the best massage chair under $1000 for you. It is merely 15 pounds and has a compact design.  Earthlite is ideal for use by a professional on the go.

Other than that, this chair has a solid construction lends to the pro-longed durability of the chair. Moreover, Earthlight has an adjustable design that enables the chair to be customized for comfortable seating in a prone position.

Earthlite portable massage chair

However, the best massage chair under 1000 has multiple faces, arm, and seat adjustments. Also, it enables the client to position according to their need.

Earthlite is quick to setup with simple face cradle armrest. Also, the seat pad and chest pad can all be customized for the optimum comfort level. Plus, you can customize the armrest height as well. And it has a removable sternum that can be used as the need for better convenience.

Other Essential Features

Earthlite is designed for having optimum comfort. Hence it has dual-density pro-light material for added comfort. And the cushioning of the massage chair holds up well.

Also, it has naturesoft upholstery material that is soft enough to touch the skin, particularly for the dimension that come into contact with skin. Earthlite massage chair has material that wipes down for quick and easy cleaning between the uses.

Accordingly, the frame of this chair has an oval tube aircraft-grade aluminum. So the aluminum frame contributes to the portability of the recliner.

As well, the lightweight design of the chair is easy to move from one place to another. Additionally, the massage chair accommodates people up to 300 pounds.

Further, the chair weighs only 15 pounds for easy portability. Also, this recliner fits into a nylon carrying case. Earthlite rugged design of the case ensures that the bag holds up well and resists wear. The padding in the shoulder strap ensures you can easily carry the chair to appointments in comfort.

Overall, this chair is the best massage chair for 100 dollars. Also, it is recommended by many therapists, chiropractors, and sports therapists. While the chair is compact and portable that serves the user with the best massage.

  • Dual-density and pro-light cushioning
  • Compactly foldable
  • Lightweight massage chair
  • Has a carrying case
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Manual chair not automatic
  • Pads of the chair aren’t removable

Esright Massage Recliner Chair | Best Affordable Massage Chair

It is the best massage chair under 1000 dollars. We recommend buying this chair due to environment-friendly timber with high production costs.

Also, the wood boards in our products are formaldehyde-free. And this brand protects the health of the elderly who chooses esright electric lift chair.

Moreover, esright massage chair has a silent motor that makes the massaging experience more enjoyable. This chair can lift the chair to help the senior stand up easily without adding stress to the back.

Esright massage recliner chair

Also, it has a control button so that you can lift the chair smoothly to your desired position. And esright supports up to 320 lbs.

Also, it has a heated vibration massage function and a USB outlet. Additionally, this chair comes with four areas of massages, such as thigh, lumbar, chin, and head.

Other than that, it has five modes for a pulse, auto, press, wave, and normal mode. And the USB port will allow you to charge your mobile phone during the massage.

Other Essential Features

Besides that, esright has soft fabric and overstuffed padding. Also, it has lining springs with overstuffed backrest.

The seat is full of soft cushions that will bring you a more comfortable massage experience. This massage chair reclines up to 150 degrees.

But wait, let me tell you something, this chair comes with assembling and easy instructions. Also, it is super easy to assemble in just 10 to 15 minutes.

Lastly, the company provides one-year technical support for the lift motor stand steel.

  • Relaxable and affordable chair
  • Soft covering
  • Cup holders
  • Durable chair
  • Rotates to 360 degrees
  • Locking feature
  • No swivel lock
  • Footrest stucks sometimes

Best Choice Faux Massage Chair | Best Massage Chair on the Market

If you want to look for a massage chair that is stylish to blend in your home décor, then this chair is best for you, that doesn’t compromise on the style at all. Other than that, the best faux massage chair has an amazing design. It is comfortable and convenient to use.

Moreover, the faux massage chair has efficient functionality with 5 pre-programmed massages. And it has 9 intensity levels and 2 modes to knead that lower and upper back.

It is the most comfortable chair that has double padding with soft cushions on the armrest and seat. This ottoman recliner chair provides an optimal lounging comfort.

Best choice faux massage chair

In addition, the recliner has a remote control that lets you conveniently switch massage settings without moving. And you can keep the remote in the side pound after using it. And this chair has a maximum capacity to hold 250 lbs.

Besides, the durable construction of this recliner is incredible. It is easy to clean due to faux leather and sturdy metal frame. And this recliner chair and ottoman set are built to last for many years to come.

Other Essential Features

In addition, it is the best ergonomic massage chair under 1000. Plus, this chair offers the best massage experience at such a low price.

Therefore, the low price and low performance make this chair the last option, but still, it outshines many other models of the massage chair.

Although, this chair has a high-quality. Plus, it is a space-saving massage chair that is perfect in shape. You will get this high-quality chair in a low price.

At last, this chair has several massage features that make you relax after long hours of work. A faux recliner is one of the top competitors in the market.

  • Comfortable and long lasting
  • Sturdy material
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Good for tall people
  • Double padded backrest and soft cushioning
  • No deep tissue massage

Here is an Infographic of  the Best Massage Chair under 1000

Infographic Best Massage Chair under 1000

FAQ’s for Best Massage Chair under $1000 

Are massage chairs worth buying?

Usually, many people purchase a massage chair and ask the salesperson whether the purchase is worth the price or not? The answer is yes! They are worth buying because they offer multiple massage features. So it doesn’t matter if you are an athlete or not; it will help you relieve body pains and fatigue. Also, these chairs will help you lessen physical injuries and improve the quality of your life. And they will pay the value for your money.

Is it bad to sit in a massage chair for two hours?

Yes! Do not use a massage chair for more than 30 minutes. Otherwise, it will cause inflammation to body tissues. And the best way to avoid these problems is to use the massage chair twice a day for 15 minutes only.

Do massage chairs consume a lot of electricity?

No, they don’t consume much electricity like a refrigerator. Generally, massage chairs use on average between 150 watts to 300 watts’ electricity. Other than that, it depends on the brand of the massage chair as well as the chair chosen. The massage chair uses similar power to a computer.

How much does a good massage chair cost approximately?

There are various prices of massage chairs, and the price varies as well. A decent massage chair with high quality will cost around 2500 dollars. Also, they come with many features. But you can also get a budget-friendly massage chair under 1000 dollars.

What things to consider when buying a massage chair?

There are some important features that you should consider while buying a massage chair. The factors are budget, size, weight, durability, warranty, massaging techniques, airbag, cushioning, and customer care.


So, after looking at our reviews for a comfortable and convenient massage chair with a good feel. Our list of 6 best massage chairs under 1000 is offering you a range of top massage therapy chairs. Also, these chairs are budget-friendly, economical, durable, and great value for your money.

But if you are still confused, we have two suggestions for you. The Real Relax Massage Chair and Earthlite Portable Massage Chair. These chairs have airbag massage technology that improves the blood flow, which results in a host of benefits. Also, they will help you relieve body soreness and fatigue.

Overall, these massage chair under 1000 is a nice mixture of effective massage and space-conserving style.

Thank you for visiting! Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below!

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