Frequent Massage Is Best For Text Neck; See How!

The term text neck is referred to as a painful neck condition associated with usage of mobile phones for a long time. This common mechanical disorder of the neck often happens by using a mobile phone for a prolonged period of texting, reading, or other purposes.

Wondering how to get rid of this painful condition? We’ll feel pleasure to tell you that it is easy to manage. But how? Well, frequent massage is best for text neck and this is what we are going to dig in detail in this round up.

It seems you want to know more about text neck. Isn’t it? Here we are going to explore this condition a bit more.

What causes Text Neck?

When we use a mobile phone or any electronic device by leaning our neck down, we often feel pain in the shoulders, upper back, neck, and sometimes headaches. It is growing at a fast pace as mobile phones are ubiquitous even among young and teenagers.

It is often termed as repetitive stress injury as this condition can not be avoided fully due to the increased and continuous growth of mobile phone users worldwide. Don’t fret! Some massage techniques can be used for text neck patients, or you can say excessive mobile phone users, and indeed, it is the best option.

It can be treated if this is diagnosed early, as this is not a severe syndrome. We will discuss below symptoms of text neck, including medical condition, its treatment by massage techniques:

Main Symptoms Of Text Neck

Following are the few symptoms connected with the text neck:

  • Irregular and persistent headache – due to continuous usage of mobile phone, you can feel intermittent headaches which keep for sometimes long or sometimes for a shorter period. 
  • Eye discomforts – sometimes, you may feel a tingling and burning sensation in your eyes. You can also have itchiness in your eyes, dry eyes, and develop near eye-sightedness as there is too much pressure on the near object. But it is not always linked with a text neck.
  • Tightness and pressure on shoulders, including neck pain, is a more common symptom related to text neck. When you bend your neck for an extended time due to mobile phone usage, you feel stiffness and soreness in your neck. It causes a lot of tension to your neck and shoulders.
  • Upper back pain – by bending down the neck for an extended time up to 45 degrees, your neck becomes heavy, and it transfers weight to your back, resulting in mid-back pain and deteriorated body posture.

Other Serious Health Concerns

If you do not take any necessary steps regarding text neck, then it may worsen your symptoms and can cause long term effects that are: 

  • Soreness of the neck muscles and associated tissues 
  • Lifelong arthritic changes
  • Tightness of neck muscles
  • Deformation of the spinal cord.

There are also chances of cervical radiculopathy surgery, but it is rare. However, there are no severe health issues if treated on time, mainly when using a few standard massage or yoga methods.

Concerns Regarding Kids And Teens

This is more found in teens and kids as they are more addicted to mobile phones and often ignore symptoms like headaches, shoulder stiffness and pain, and eye strain.

Most children and teens face neck and shoulder pain more often as they spend more time on touch screen devices. Text neck is an emerging syndrome of the 21st century, and according to research, it was found that about 75% of the world’s population are inclined to mobile phone devices by binding their neck up to 45 degrees which enhances pressure on their neck and causes multiple health issues.

Clinical Evidence on Text Neck

According to a case study on teenagers, a 16 years old girl was admitted to a hospital with a history of severe neck pain, headaches, and drowsiness. After a series of tests, it was found later that even though she was a high-school student with at least 6 hours of committed study time, she still developed text neck syndrome.

She was discharged from the hospital with an indication not to watch or use a cell phone for more than 2 hours daily; otherwise, she can face serious cervical spine injury. This is not only a single case related to text neck syndrome; there are unlimited daily cases that are not reported as children and teenagers often feel these symptoms are unimportant. However, it is a highly concerning issue for youngsters as they are developing, and text neck can have a long life effect on their posture.

Treatment By Massage

Although, there is not any particular treatment of text neck. However, few changes in lifestyle and adopting regular and frequent massage can aid in this.

Moreover, as the year passes, more and more people are moving towards electronic gadgets, including smartphones, tablets, and Ipads so growing text neck cannot be avoided. But it can be treated by massage as; a good massage can relieve their shoulders, help in alleviating neck pain, reducing constraint, including inflammation of the neck and muscles.

How to Treat Text Neck with Massage

A professional massage therapist can examine the patient’s condition by evaluating his condition and then my work on neck, shoulder, and upper back muscles for providing relief to these areas.

The therapist finds the primary points of stiffness, stress, and pressure and then tries to relax them, eventually reducing the most frequent symptoms of text neck syndrome. Different massages can help you treat pain caused by the prolonged use of mobile phone devices. A good massage also helps you in correcting your postures and improves blood circulation as well.


It is inevitable to drop the use of mobile phones; however, treating by massaging can lessen the symptoms caused by text neck as it helps relieve pressure on your neck and shoulder.

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