Mayo Clinic on Massage- All you Need to Know

Wondering to find the effectiveness of massage and scientific evidence of massage? Or, are you surfing the internet to find the perspective of the mayo clinic on massage? Hold on! We have got you covered. This roundup has your answers.

When listening to the word massage, most people get confused whether it is a usual hand or feet massage or something different? Isn’t it? So, massage is actually a therapy that includes rolling, rubbing, and pressing skin and muscles, especially the soft muscles of the body.

Many health care centers such as the Mayo Clinic offer it as a treatment, while many people use massage therapy to get comfort, relaxation, and connections.    

In massage, muscles are manipulated to heal and relax any hurting part of the body. Hands and different instruments are used to manipulate the tissues to reduce pain and for relaxation. 

Mayo Clinic experts and certified massage therapists use massage therapy as an interventional treatment. Experts manipulate the tissues just by the light stroking or putting great pressure according to the need of the body’s pain.

So, if you are looking for the best massaging center, thenMayo Clinicis the best place for you. It has introduced a Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program that includes a full-service spa that offers a great variety of massages and other cosmetic services as well.

Types Of Massage That Mayo Clinic Offers

Mayo Clinic experts recommend different massages for various purposes. Here are some of the types of massages that Mayo Clinic is offering:

  • Swedish massage
  • Deep massage
  • Sport massage
  • Trigger point massage

Swedish massage

It is the most gentle type of massage. In this massage, long gentle strokes in the circular pattern are applied. It is whole-body massage therapy. It shows excellent work on the body’s soft tissues that help them to keep them healthy.

This massage also helps to maintain the activity of the nervous system. It makes the person both relaxed and energetic.

Deep tissue massage

As its name shows that it is a type of massage that works deep on the musculoskeletal tissues. It is mainly used for relieving the pain of muscles. It works best for sports-related injuries. Sustained pressure is applied slowly.

The deep strokes are applied by targeting the inner muscles and connective tissues. It helps the body to increase blood flow and reduce the inflammation of tissues.

Sports massage

This massage is primarily used to cater the athlete patients, players that play at the college level, or the patient that gets an injury during their work-out.

The people who exercise daily go for this massage to relax and reduce the tension of the muscles during the exercise. This massage helps them to heal their injuries and also prevents them from getting sports injuries. It helps to improve their flexibility.

Trigger point massage

Sometimes muscles get a knot that causes muscle spasms. This massage helps to release those muscles, knots, pain, and various pains associated with those knots. Multiple pressure levels are applied to the body to release these knots from the body’s trigger points.

Due to knots, the muscles and the tissues can not move freely; this massage helps the muscles move freely without feeling pain.

In short, massages are also a treatment for various problems. And mayo clinic is offering its services for its patients and staff. Guess what?  The mayo clinic on massage has become a leader for integrating massage therapy.

How Does The Massage Work?

Experts at Mayo Clinic are of opinion that massage brings the change in the body in two ways:

  • Relaxation process
  • Mechanical process

Relaxation Response

When a therapist is doing a massage of yours, you will feel that your heartbeat and breathing rate slow down; if this happens to you, the body’s relaxation response starts. Due to a decrease in the heartbeat rate, the blood pressure automatically gets reduced, and the production of stress hormones also gets reduced.

The output of the serotonin is increased and that affects the emotions very positively. So, this response decreases the stress and depression level. It also reduces the chances of hypertension and cardiac diseases.

Mechanical Process

During the physical manipulation, two major effects happen:

Circulation of the body improve

Clinically it is proved that massage improves blood and lymph fluid. The main reason for this is that it partially affects the manipulation of the body’s soft tissues, and at the same time, the production of the stress chemicals also decreases. The delivery of the oxygen is also enhanced.

Relaxing of tissues

The knots of the soft tissue are released by massaging, so the tissues get relaxed. The tissue spasms improve when the therapist applies the pressure, so the muscles relax.

What is the opinion of Mayo Clinic on Massage?

Massage is considered as part of integrative medicine. Doctors and massage experts at Mayo Clinic recommend massage therapy and medication for quick recovery from the pains.

These are some scientifically proven benefits of the massage that tells the importance of the massage:

  • Massage plays a significant role in reducing the pain
  • Massage improves the body’s blood circulation
  • Massage helps the body to relax
  • It helps to increase the flexibility of the body
  • Massage also helps to increase the mobility of the joints.
  • Skin tone also improve by regular massaging the body
  • It helps to reduce the anxiety
  • It also plays its part in decreasing depression.
  • The production of the get reduce by the massage

Why Choose Mayo Clinic For Massage Therapy?

Good question! Mayo Clinic is offering the best massage range and experts so you can reduce the chance of getting physically injured. So, mayo clinic provides you with the best service of messaging therapy where the experts deal with you according to your body condition and body type. They ask you about your medical history and then give you therapy according to your record.

A trained and professional certified medical expert gives you massage therapy. The experts manipulate the soft tissues, muscles, connective tissues, and ligaments with the required degrees of pressure that a patient needs.

The medical experts of Mayo Clinic on massage offer massage therapy that helps the patients cope with stress. They also recommend massage for various conditions like cancer, stomach problems, and heart problems.

Bringing it all together

To conclude, Mayo Clinic on massage is a reliable spot for getting massage-related suggestions from its experts and getting massage therapy. Besides, you can get a fantastic massage experience while relaxing on a reliable massage chair and following the techniques of a professional.

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