Self Massage Techniques – Simple Step by Step Procedure

Self massage techniques are here for those who feel stress, tightness on certain points, sore or tension. If you have these problems with a mild level, massage therapy is recommended to relax your body and feel better.

Feeling tense apart, Massaging your body has many advantages to both your physical and mental health. It makes you relax and relieve your pain. It is done by pressing or rubbing your skin and underlying muscles, and all is simple.

If you want to get a professional Self massage technique without going to see a massage therapist reap the rewards, then you are at the right place. We have many massage techniques then will be beneficial for you, along with safety tips.

Before applying techniques to the body, let’s glance at the benefits of Self massage.

Self-massaging is a convenient way to relax your body. It simply provides benefits in the comfort of your home. As a DIY method, it helps ease stress, anxiety, headache, pain, muscle soreness, muscle strain, digestive disorders, and more.

You can also consult with your doctor when getting treatment. It is a comprehensive treatment plan that is useful to manage chronic conditions. However, you should keep in mind that Self massage techniques never be a replacement for regular medical treatment.

Additionally, getting a professional therapist may prolong the benefits.

1-Self Massage for Head

Nothing is worse than a headache. To relieve your pain, you can follow these simple steps for massaging:

Self Massage for Head

  1. Sit on a chair straightly and place your thumb high on your cheekbones by your ears.
  2. You have to add pressure in circulation motion gently. Use your fingertips to your temples.
  3. Make circles along with your hairline and continue doing that until your both hands fingertips meet in the middle of your forehead. It will relax you.

2-   Self Massage for Neck Pain

Neck pain is caused by bad posture. Bad posture often happed by hunching over a laptop for long hours regularly. Not only that, you often feel pain in the neck while reading any book on your bed without getting adequate support and similar other postures where your neck is not getting the right care. If so, you will feel tight of panic. To get relief from this pain, we have a therapeutic Self massage technique for you. It will be helpful for your neck. Just follow these steps:

Self Massage for Neck Pain

  1. Make a straight posture for your neck and back by lowering what you should take away from your ears.
  2. Now press firmly on those areas where you feel bad.
  3. Gradually move your fingers in a circular shape. Repeat it in clock-wise and anti-clockwise direction
  4. Gently do the above step up to 5 minutes, and that’s all.

3-   Self Massage For Shoulders

Shoulder pain is often caused by bad posture or hunching at your mobile or a desk for book reading. You feel tightness on your shoulders, and these steps will alleviate your pain.

Self Massage For Shoulders

  1. Straightly sit and position the righthand fingers over your right shoulder.
  2. Now you have to squeeze your trapezius three times.
  3. Roll your fingers over the muscle from the start to the end of your base.
  4. Now repeat it on the left side with the left hand.

4-   Self Message for Tension or Headache Pain

Suppose you are worried or feeling a headache and want to get some relaxation. Then this tension-releasing massage technique will help you.

Self Message for Tension or Headache Pain

Best of all, this technique of Self massage is for those also who get stressed easily. Follow these steps:

  1. Get the right posture by straightening your neck and lower your shoulders from the ears. Make sure your back is also straight.
  2. Now find the starting position of your skull. Locate the point and middle fingers of both hands in the center. Just touch the fingertips.
  3. You have to press the fingers gently and move the fingers in an outward and downward direction.
  4. Also, move your fingers in a circular motion. It makes you feel relax. You can also focus on the tense spots around it.

For more relaxation, you can also massage your neck, shoulders, and temples. Good to listen to relaxing music while getting a message.

5-   Self Massage for Constipation Relief

Sometimes, irregular diet can cause constipation. It causes abdominal pain, and you feel uncomfortable while sitting. This pain can be treated with laxatives, but you can get relief from massage also. It will reduce cramps, bloating, and tightness in the abdomen.

Self Massage for Constipation Relief

To get rid of constipation, follow these steps:

  1. First of all, you have to lie down on your back and place the palms of your hands on the right side of your lower stomach. Make sure you have placed it near your pelvic bone.
  2. Now you have to gently massage by moving up to your ribs in circulation motion. Gradually repeat this step across your stomach to your left rib bones.
  3. Next up, you have to move on the left side of your stomach to the pelvic bone.
  4. After this, massage your belly button for up to 3 minutes in circulation motion. Feel relax; start again.

If you are regularly having constipation pain, you should make sure that you are drinking enough water, eating fiber, And don’t forget to do exercise. It will release your pain.

6-   Self Massage For Back Pain

It is very common, and most of us usually have back pain in our daily life. Many reasons, including structural issues, disc damage, nerve irritation, and muscle strains or spasms, can be caused.

Self Massage For Back Pain

You have to get rid of it by doing exercise, having the correct posture. Yoga, walk, and more.

To get more ease, you can get the back pain relievers such as heating pads, cold compressors, massage chairs, and more. But if you want to Self massage for your back pain, then we have two techniques for you.

7-   Self Massage for Lower Back

If you are feeling pain in your lower back, then do follow these steps:

Self Massage for Lower Back

  1. Make crossed legs by sitting on your floor and straighten your back.
  2. Now you have to place your thumbs on every side of the sacrum (It is the flat triangular bone at the bottom of your spine)
  3. You have to move your thumb in small circulation motions.
  4. You have to move fingers up and down to your sacrum.
  5. You will feel better when you apply pressure on tense spots.
  6. Breathe deeply while doing.

Besides that, if you have a massage chair, then you can do it there. If you do so, place your feet on the floor and sit straight.

8-   Self Massage Tennis Ball

You can also get a massage by laying down on the top of a tennis ball. When you feel firm, it relieves your back. Let’s look at how to do it:

Self Massage Tennis Ball

  1. Bent your knees and lie on the floor on your back.
  2. Now you have to place the tennis ball on your back where you feel tennis and hold for 30 seconds.
  3. Rotate your body on the tennis ball gently to get more pressure.
  4. Also, to get more pressure, you can cross one ankle over the opposite knee.
  5. When you feel relaxed, roll the ball and get up.

9-   Self Massage for Foot

Prolonged time walking or running may be aching so badly in your feet. Don’t scream. Here we have the best massage for your foot that will relax you. Just follow these simple steps:

Self Massage for Foot

  1. Sit on a chair straight and place your feet on the bare floor.
  2. Place the tennis ball under your feet.
  3. You have to roll it under your feet upward and downward position.
  4. Roll it back and forth from heel to toe. Press firmly.
  5. You can also roll it in small circles if you feel pain.
  6. Repeat this process on both feet

If you can perform it while standing, then it is also good to get more pressure.

10- Self Massage for Chest

It often causes by sitting many hours at your laptop with rounded shoulders. It makes your posture poor, and you will feel pain in your neck, shoulders, and somehow in the chest. If you likely have a trigger point when it comes to the pectoralis muscles, you can use Thera cane. It releases the pressure and makes your pain relieved by correcting your shoulder position.

Self Massage for Chest

  1. Take a Thera cane of any other trigger manual massager.
  2. Take the hook of the Thera cane.
  3. Position the knob in the grove below your collarbone.
  4. Now you have to apply downward pressure using a hook.
  5. It will help release the trigger point.
  6. You can move the hook to apply gentle pressure at different angles.
  7. Do it on both sides.

11- Self Massage for Hip/Buttocks

Sometimes, you feel uncomfortable In the gluteal muscles. You have to relax your trigger points by following these simple steps:

Self Massage for Hip

  1. Sit on the floor with your knees bent.
  2. To get more comfortable, sit on the grass.
  3. Now take a tennis ball and place it on your right buttock.
  4. Make sure your hands are on your back.
  5. Now you have to lift your right leg off the ground.
  6. Make small circles on the ball from your hip.
  7. You have to place the ball where you feel tender.
  8. Do it on the left side too.

Safety Tips

Make sure you don’t have severe pain because massage is only for mild pain. If you are feeling intense pain, then you have to visit a doctor and get treatment. If you do massage, then chances are intensely worse for your pain.

Moreover, some people are not safe for massaging. If you are one of them, then consult a doctor before doing. The people include fractures, burns, bleeding disorders, healing wounds, cancer, severe thrombocytopenia, intense osteoporosis, deep vein thrombosis—Bleed-thinning medication.

Besides that, when you are getting a massage, keep a note of your feeling. If you are not feeling relax or gets more pain, then stop the massage.

To get the best massage, you have to check to the doctor to improve your pain before making it worse.

Why Self Massage?

There are lots of people who sit up to 8-12 hours while doing jobs. Often they cause pain at a certain point. Also, some people want to care for themselves to relieve tension or stress or muscle tension.

It is worth mentioning that, who suffer from Myofascial pain dysfunction syndrome (MPDS), need Self massage regularly. The presence of chronic points causes this problem.

If you feel pain in trigger points, then it is also necessary to get Self massage therapy. It is because trigger pain can cause by tight knots in the muscle tissues.

  • You will feel to reduce pain.
  • It reduces muscle swelling as well as soreness.
  • Massaging promotes better sleep and enhance alertness.
  • It improves the immune system.
  • It reduces pain, depression, stress, or anxiety.
  • Last but not least, it rejuvenates your mind with your body.


Is Self Massage Good For Arthritis?

No doubt, Self massage relief pain and eases muscle stiffness. When it comes to arthritis, Clair Gavin said, Self massage eases arthritis. It improves circulation motions and decreases inflammation. It means it is a good option to reduce pain and improve movement, but you have to physically consult with a professional therapist.

What Type Of Pain Can Self Massage Technique Will Helpful?

The self-massaging techniques help mild pain against the head, neck, shoulder, hips, glutes, abdomen, upper and lower back, and feet. It also gives relief to swollen muscles.

The Bottom Line

Self massage techniques are for those who feel mild pain. It conveniently eases your symptom and relieves your discomfort and tension. You will feel fresh and relax as it is a preventive self-care method.

If you are not feeling pain, then you can also do a massage. It will be gentle to your body.

Pay attention if you regularly feel pain in certain spots. The doctor will determine the cause of pain and treat it in the best way.

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