10 Types of Massage Therapies & Strokes – Benefits and Features

In the history of mankind, Massage has been used for too long for relaxation and healing purposes. There are many types of massage that we will tell you based on tissue manipulation, muscle relaxation and healing approaches.

Massage is a way to rub and knead the skin and provide you soothing effect in different ways. Massage is done with hands, feet, fingers, and device. When you come to different types of massages, you want to divide it into your condition or injury and accessibility. Choosing the right kind of massage must be confusing to you, but we’ll solve this problem by describing many types of massage beneficial to you in this article.

All different types of massages have their way and benefits. This article will tell you the right kind of massage and what will help combat your condition. Here are some different types of massage.

Types of Massage

Swedish massage:

It is the most commonly known and used type of massage. It is the best standard massage for those people who are experiencing their first time doing massage:

  • A gentle kind of massage
  • Full body massage

It is also best for those people who have sensitive skin. It helps to relax muscles and the whole body. Its time duration is 1 hour, and it will help to soothe the pain.

Strokes in Swedish massage:

These are five main strokes in Swedish massage type:

  • Long smooth strokes in the direction of the heart
  • Kneading and rolling
  • Friction
  • Percussion
  • Rocking and shaking movements


Here are some crucial benefits of Swedish massage:

  • It helps to relax the tensed muscles and ease your muscle tension.
  • It is best for the first-timers.
  • It relieves light or moderates tensed muscles in the back and limbs.
  • It breaks up the muscle knots.

Deep tissue massage:

In this massage, the therapist offers deep pressure to let out muscle tension. It is a focused and therapeutic massage that selects the specific problem areas and muscle attachments with bone. This massage aims to relieve the stress of deep muscle and tissue layers. More pressure than Swedish massage therapy is applied in deep tissue massage.


  • Its time duration is 60 to 90 minutes.
  • It consists of deep strokes and deep pressure fingers applying on skin.
  • It uses more severe pressure techniques than Swedish massage.


  • It is ideal for relaxing muscle tendons.
  • It helps improve range of motion.
  • It also relieves your anxiety.

Hot stone massage:

It is the best type of massage for those suffering from muscle pain and soreness or those who want to be relaxed. The warm stones can be exceptionally comforting as heat relaxes tight muscles. This massage allows the therapist to relieve tensed muscle areas.


  • Therapist place warm and smooth stones on the specific allocated points on the body.
  • The therapist also holds them.
  • Stones are made up of a style of volcanic rock.
  • You are fully clothed.
  • The specific points on the body are
  • Spine
  • Face
  • Chest
  • Stomach
  • Hands and palms
  • Feet and toes


These are some benefits of hot stone massage therapy:

  • It relieves muscle tension and soreness.
  • It reduces stress and anxiety
  • The heat from stones also improves your blood circulation.
  • It alleviates the pain.
  • It boosts immunity.
  • It relieves more muscle soreness than the Swedish massage because it uses heat to penetrate more effectively.

Shiatsu massage:

As its name implies, it is the Japanese type of massage. Its work area is the whole body, but attention is mainly given to those spots that need much focus. Pulsating rhythmic pressure is applied by fingers.


  • The therapist uses his fingers to put pressure on specific points of the body.
  • Its primary purpose is to eliminate blockages like muscle knots or GIT problems.
  • Therapists use many parts of their limbs in implying different techniques to work out the tension.
  • It helps to keep the improvement of the body’s energy and balance.
  • There is no use of lotion or oil in it.


  • It improves the recovery from any injury.
  • It stimulates the functions of the digestive system.
  • It improves circulation.
  • It is useful for the treatment of insomnia, pain and nausea.
  • It is usually done on the mat or floor.
  • You can wear clothes in this massage. This technique is unique as it can improve your digestive system.


This massage technique is based on the concept that there are reflex points on our body’s skin like on hands, feet and ears and the nerve endings which lie there connect to the different organs or areas of the body. As in referred pain, the areas with the same sensory supply show pain symptoms so by stimulating reflex points, and we can ease the pain.


  • The clinician applies pressure on different points on feet that are supposed to be connected to other body areas.
  • In this technique, different points reflect different areas of the body.
  • The tips of toes reflect the head of the body.
  • Pressure on specific points helps to stimulate the release of endorphins from the brain.
  • Endorphins are analgesic hormones which reduce pain.


  • It helps to solve these issues:
  • stress and tension headaches.
  • Gastrointestinal tract problems
  • Menstrual disorders like amenorrhea, oligomenorrhea
  • Sclerosis
  • Backache
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Insomnia
  • Arthritis
  • Regular reflexology takes almost 30 ti60 minutes. It would be best if you didn’t take it without consultation.

Prenatal massage:

It’s the safest type of massage during the pregnancy term. But it would help if you tried to avoid it in the first trimester as it’s the most critical period for fetus development. Like Swedish massage, the therapist focus on the specific areas with low pressure.


  • Its duration is 45-60 minutes
  • Its focus on gentle massage and pressure.
  • Its primary focus is on the lower back, hips, and legs.
  • The pregnant woman will lie on her back, and the therapist will perform the massage.


  • It reduces the aches of pregnancy.
  • It relieves insomnia and anxiety.
  • It helps to decrease the blood pressure of the mother as hypertension is the main problem in pregnancy.
  • It is a good option for pregnant women to get relaxed in pregnancy. It’s good for mild tension relief.

Aromatherapy massage:

It’s a Swedish massage in which essential oils are added while doing massage. These oils are added in the massage oil. It is best for those people who want emotional healing. It is the combination of gentle massage with the aroma of essential oil. These oils are extracted from flowers and vegetables like lemon.


  • Type of essential oil used will be determined by the massage therapist.
  • Essential oils are made less concentrated before massage therapy.
  • Essential oils are absorbed through the skin and help in the healing process.
  • Its time duration is 60-90 minutes.
  • Either you are without clothes or have underwear on your choice.


  • The essence of oils boosts your mood by releasing happy-hormones.
  • It reduces stress and anxiety.
  • It lessens symptoms of depression.
  • It reduces pain.
  • This therapy is a combination of both Swedish technique and essential oils which double its effect.

Sports massage:

It is specially designed for people who are athletes and involved in any sports. This massage therapy is for those aches which are caused by playing sport or repetitive injury. It is kind of preventative treatment as it helps the athletes to prepare for sport and physical activities.


  • It acts on the body’s soft tissue and manipulates them to become more effective.
  • The therapist mainly focuses on those areas of the body that will be used in the relative sports.
  • t includes pressure point therapy, massage and joint exercises.
  • It can also be done as full body massage.
  • The strokes in sports massage are faster than others.
  • You are fully clothed.


  • It helps in recovery of muscle soreness
  • It improves the performance of the athlete.
  • It increases the range of motion of the particular joint.
  • It increases the strength of muscles.
  • This massage increases the flexibility and mobility of joints. It reduces the risk of injury.

Thai Massage:

This massage is more like assisted yoga. In this technique, the therapist uses stretching and pressure to increase mobility. It’s the most active form of massage. The therapist uses his distal limbs to apply pressure on your body parts.


  • It is also famous as yoga massage.
  • The therapist performs a series of intense stretches on the client’s body by their hands, knees and feet.
  • In deeper stretches, more pressure is applied by the therapist.
  • The therapist assists the client in yoga.
  • While doing yoga, the therapist stretches muscles and help to reduce pain.
  • You are fully clothed.


  • It relieves the headache and muscle pain
  • It increases the range of motion.
  • It improves your circulation.
  • It improves flexibility.
  • This massage helps you to stretch your body while doing massage. And you can be twisted into many positions by your practitioner.

Couple’s massage:

It is the type of massage you do with your partner in the same room, and it can be your friend, spouse or family member. Like other massages, couple massage also includes the regular massage, aromatherapy and perfect environment. Some therapists offer you to access to saunas, pools and other services with the massage.


  • Therapists apply pressure on two clients in the same room.
  • Usually, Swedish massage is done, but you can also access other types.
  • You can also choose what kind of massage you want.
  • Some skin care treatments like pedicures and facials are also provided during a massage.


  • This massage provides you with the same services as others which you’ve chosen for both of you.
  • As it is done in shares room, you have a great chance to reconnect with your friend, sister or mother.
  • Usually, Swedish and hot stone massages are provided during the couple’s massage.

Types of massage strokes

As we have described earlier about Swedish massage, which is a use of five basic strokes which are applied sequentially on the client. These strokes are genial at first but become more specific in a sequence. It starts with light strokes and moves with high pressure. There are five basic strokes which are involved in massage therapy:


Both hands apply this long gliding stroke from the lower limit of back to shoulders and neck. Therapists can use both of his hands, or one hand only depends on how much pressure he wants to apply. Whenever you start a massage from one specific body part, this stroke is used as the therapist does more massage, he increases the pressure.

This massage is for elevating the soft tissue and determining if there are any problems with the client’s body.


It is usually done by rolling and lifting the soft tissue of muscle. In this stroke, the therapist kneads the tissue. As for muscles, the practitioners raise and squeeze the muscle. This stroke usually comes after effleurage, but it depends on the body and types of massage.

This stroke is used to relaxes the tight muscles and muscle knots. It also relieves muscle pain. It improves circulation of blood and lymphatic drainage.


It’s a stroke for those areas of a body who need proper and intense working. This type of stroke generates heat by warming the site, so it’s also called a warming stroke.

It is done by applying pressure on a specific point and move the pressure by going in or against the direction of muscle fibres.


In this stroke, percussion is applied to an area of the body in which you want to stimulate nerves and muscles. This stroke is usually done by cupping your hands and soft fists. This technique is also used in modern medicine to apply pressure.


Its refers to apply quivering, shaking and trembling moments. The practitioner does this to the whole body, but he can also do this to a specific area of the body. These vibrators moments can vary from slow to rapid, depending on the condition. This stroke increases relaxation.

Final Say

In this article, we have provided you with all the necessary details to know what kind of massage you want as we have described essential elements from Swedish to couple’s massage. This article must have removed your confusion about what sort of massage you should choose based on your need. If you think something is missing, you should tell us your addition, and also you can ask your queries.

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